Q: What is the recommended age for Reward a Routine?

A: We recommend pre-school upwards however it is never too early/late to introduce routine to your child's day. Each child is different. 


Q: Is one box suitable for more than one child?

A:  Children of similar ages will tend to follow the same routine, the reward at the end can be personalised for each child so there is no reason to need additional boxes.  However, this is down to the individual as some children prefer their own. 


Q: Which rewards would you recommend?

A: Every family rewards differently whether it be stickers, a trip to the park, treats or screen time (we love hearing and sharing reward ideas).   What works for a 2 year old wouldn't necessarily work for a 6/7 year old.  What we do recommend is that rewards reflect your child's age and the efforts put in to completing their tasks.  


Q: How many cards would you recommend per routine?

A: We recommend 8-10 for the different times of day they are needed. 


Q: Are the cards wipe clean?   

A: Yes they are, so no need to worry about all those sticky fingers!


Q: Can you order extra packs of cards? 

A: No sorry this is not something we offer at this time but we may in the future. 


Q: Do we shop internationally?

A: Yes we do. Please get in touch with us via our 'Contact Us' page and we will send you your shipping costs.